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Greetings! My name is Joy Tan and I have been the sole director of this "Word of Mouth" business for over 15 years. As you can see, my website is basic as I don't need to advertise. My wealth of experience as a credit adviser/ home loan specialist is known to all of my satisfied clients that I have served and helped in the past and have become my greatest advocates. So, if you have either stumbled upon my website, or been referred by someone who knows me that has used my services, then welcome, and I look forward to speaking and/or meeting with you in person soon. My reputation for going above and beyond is well known amongst my clients. I have a large portfolio of medium to high net individuals who are time poor and want excellent service (both of which is why I have a loyal following of new and existing clients). I rely on my extensive years of experience to help make their dreams become a reality whether buying an owner-occupied home or an investment property. I also love saving people money. I specialise in assessing a borrower’s current debt position to determine whether refinancing their current loans to achieve better interest rates & / or terms could achieve better financial outcomes over the long term. Considering the possibility of consolidating a client’s current loans into one low interest rate housing loan could result in lower interest costs over the long term. I can advise you of the features and benefits of considering debt consolidation, whilst also counselling on the necessity to consider the benefits & risks of paying off short term / high interest debt (i.e. personal loans & credit cards) by consolidating into a longer term / low interest home loan. I can offer this service to you as well should you think you’re paying too much now. I personally have experience as a home owner, an investor as well as a property investor inside a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) so you can say that I "walk the walk" and hence am well equipped to help you and your family create your own wealth creation vehicle. My company, Hawk Eye Finance Pty Ltd holds its own Australian Credit Licence and has access to all major, and a range of secondary and smaller lenders. Feel free to call/email me with any of the following loan scenarios; - Full doc or Low Doc - Purchase or Refinance - Residential - Commercial and Business Loans - Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) - Motor Vehicle Loans, Leases and Equipment Finance - I even have access to Short term funding, unsecured loans and private lenders. Hawk Eye Financial P/L is owned & Managed by me, so you’ll be assured of receiving personalised service at no cost to you.

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Address: 502/ 1-9 Pyrmont Bridge Rd Pyrmont NSW 2009

Phone: 0433 11 88 01
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Leave a message if I dont answer, and I will call you straight back :-) ABN 83 108 507 786 and Aust Credit Licence 386012